GITECO conducts two laboratories in University of Cantabria


Knowledge management in construction and online teaching for engineers

GITECO performs an extensive control and characterization work related to civil work, fostering its growth, stressing in this field the writing of new standards and the ellaboration of technical instructions and construction recommendations.

We keep an intense training activity favouring and stimulating the knowledge transfer between university and society. Among the training activities of the group, GITECO has developed a programme of online courses aimed at professionals of the construction sector, in which companies of the first level take place. The purpose of the programme is to equip the professionals of the sector with the suitable tools to improve the quality of their works and the competitivity of their companies.

Featured Projects

  • Devising of new tools for risk assessment in international contracts. Risk Evaluation Tool “RET”.
  • The multidimensional city. Development of new integrated constructive processes (SP10).
  • Recomendations of the plan and implementation of barriers as road protection systems against rockfall in road works.
  • Preparation of technical sheet on good practices for the management of singular roads, especially protected for their natural and landscape interest, for crossing natural parks.
  • Development & teaching of courses related to formworks, impermeabilization & construction work pathologies.

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Training Programme in Construction Sciences


Online Courses

GITECO has lecturing and research staff with wide experience in the training of Civil Engineering students. Besides, thanks to its research activity amasses advance knowledge in innovation, technology and development within the construction sector, for this reason we collaborate with the main companies of the sector in the training of their qualified staff by our online training programmes.

  • Underground works
  • Bridges
  • Prevention of Risks
  • Quality
  • Environmental Management
  • Economic planning
  • Waterproofing in the building
  • Rehabilitation in the building

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