GITECO conducts two laboratories in University of Cantabria


Sustainable Construction

GITECO, from the commitment of an efficient civil engineering not only in what refers to economy, but also socially and environmentally, dedicates a research line to the sustainable construction based on innovation and technology development linked to an engineering sensible and respectful of the society, a construction able to optimize resources and to minimize the environmental impact. Transferability of this work line allows the implantation of sustainable construction measures also in the other projects.

Featured Projects

  • Model design & development for the calculation & sizing of geothermal exchange systems & active glazing for sustainable buildings.
  • Research of new materials & constructive processes for the sustainable construction of offshore wind turbines.
  • Comprehensive plan for waste control in construction works.
  • Recycling and valorization of excavation sludge coming from tunneling machines by the aplication of lime and bacteria (BATUCA).

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