GITECO conducts two laboratories in University of Cantabria


Construction of sustainable energy infrastructures

GITECO supports the technological development of the energetic sector as a way to achieve a more sustainable environment. The commitment is in the line of construction applied to the development of energy technologies, specialized in the construction of infrastructures to exploit alternative energies, where geothermal, wind and biogas stand out. Thanks to the works applied by GITECO, the performances and costs have been improved, making their implementation easier and favouring their development.

Featured Projects

  • Research on solar energy harvesting and storage by means of active asphalt surfaces and enhanced geothermal systems (SASGO).
  • Design and development of a new energy technology based on deep geothermal exchangers with advanced materials and grouts (GEOTHERMDEEP).
  • Development of a new procedure that allows the determination of the thermal properties of the soil around active foundations.
  • Model design and development for the calculation and sizing of geothermal exchange systems and active glazing for sustainable buildings (GEOGLASS ENERGY).
  • Strategic research for safer and more sustainable roads (FENIX). Sustainable Asphalt Pavements.

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