GITECO conducts two laboratories in University of Cantabria


Application in construction of geosynthetics

One of the lines of GITECO is the research and development of new applications of geosynthetics in the area of civil engineering, analyzing the use of this material as pavement reinforcement and in sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS).

  • Laboratory of Geosynthetics of the University of Cantabria

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GITECO counts with the experimental support in this area of the Laboratory of Geosynthetics of the University of Cantabria (LAGUC), which apart from supporting our projects, gives answer to the different needs of private companies and public bodies.

This laboratory reveals the clear link of GITECO with the sector of public works and its vocation to contribute to its technological development.

Featured Projects

  • Reabilitate roads & highways (REHABCAR).
  • Development & innovation in the strenghtening of bituminous mixtures with geosynthetics
  • Design, material characterization & implementation procedures of anti-reflective cracking system with geosynthetics in bituminous pavement (SAFI).
  • Determination of binder retention in geosynthetics

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