GITECO conducts two laboratories in University of Cantabria


Aplication in construction of slope protection and stabilization systems

Lineal works need huge earth moving and gradients that may bring a work to ruin if unefficiently managed, apart from having a great cost in the final budget. From GITECO we continuously work with companies in the sector with the purpose to develop new constructive processes and methods.

In the last years, our achievements in this area have reflected in different Patents, Utility Models and Industrial designs. We also have experience in the design of Software for the sizing of meshes to stabilize slopes. Further information concerning this and other patents here

Featured Projects

  • Sizing of dynamic screen for rockfall.
  • Study of the characteristics & treatments of embankment and ungraded surface materials that help to build sustainable linear works (OLIN).
  • Research, development & innovation of meshes with 10mm cables, sizing of different layers and certification of results.
  • Development of energy dissipating elements of dynamic screen for rockfall protection of slopes.
  • Development of a design & construction procedure of earth retaining systems with piledriving.

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