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Construction of sustainable drainage systems

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) include a series of design techniques for the treatment of rainwater ensuring their right quality to use it later for environmental uses, urban or household. Works in the field of SUDS started in GITECO in 2003, thanks to the collaboration with the group SUDS ARG of the University of Coventry.

Until date, 15 research projects have been carried out in this line, covering all the aspects related to sustainable drainage: catchment systems, storage, in situ treatment of rainwater, energy exploitation, etc., with special development of permeable pavements as the most complete technique.

  • Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Laboratory

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GITECO´s capacity has been strengthened thanks to the work developed by the SUDS laboratory (SUDSlab), studying the work of testing sites that have been built. The analysis performed in this lab deal with the quantity and quality of rainwater filtered and stored within pervious pavements and with the biodegradation processes of carbon, one of the main depuration mechanisms of pervious pavements.

Featured Projects

  • Hydrological rehabilitation of urban road infrastructures (RHIVU).
  • Eco design of parking lot areas for the minimization of environmental impact by runoff water
  • Development of catchment and store rainwater systems, using porous pavements in parking lots, for non potable use with geothermal low enthalpy energy (VEA).
  • Development of new catchment, pretreatment & in situ treatment systems for hydrocarbon contaminated water coming from urban runoff in parking lots with inpervious pavements (TRAPI).
  • Operation of safe, intelligent an sustainable highways (OASIS).

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