GITECO conducts two laboratories in University of Cantabria


Construction of new pavement structures

GITECO has great experience in the development of innovative pavements from 2002, when this area was started, linked to the use of geosynthetics in construction. From then on, its development has been continuous, working in processes that allow the production and put in work of more efficient and sustainable pavements, as well as innovating with new materials and new pavement applications.

The group has created filtering pavements able to treat in situ the surface runoff water, putting in work bituminous mixtures designed starting from the reuse of plastic waste, or making use with energy ends of the heat power coming from asphalt.

Featured Projects

  • Cost-efective durable roads by green optimized construction and maintenance (DURABROADS).
  • Fostering green public procurement in road construction throught the validation of high-performance asphalt eco-mixtures (GREENROAD).
  • Polymer wastes in asphalt mixes: a way to increase sustainability of roads infraestructures (POLYMIX).
  • Energetic optimization of bituminous mixtures with addition of industrial by-products

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