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Research Lines

The different profiles that compose our staff help us to face projects in different areas of Civil Engineering. Our aim is to contribute to the technological development of construction exploring all those fields in which our staff can provide knowledge and good ideas.

Currently, GITECO is working in eight lines of work that go from infrastructures construction and development of new constructive systems to the exploration of new ways of training.


Since it was founded in 2202, the group GITECO has participated in 87 research projects divided in its eight lines of work. Collaborating with public institutions, companies related to civil engineering and other research groups, we have been able to successfully address all our investigations contributing in this way to the innovation and technological development of the sector.

List of developed projects by GITECO



GITECO provides services to companies and administrations in those fields related to our lines of work. The years of experience in the sector and the success achieved in the different research projects help us to face any challenge on a guaranteed basis.

You may ask for assistance or collaboration in the following areas:

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21st September 2017

GITECO will lead a new European project about construction and biodiversity.

The Construction Technology Applied Research Group (GITECO) will coordinate one of the projects awarded in the last call of the INTERREG ATLANTIC programme. This programme promotes the cooperation between 37 Atlantic regions in 5 European countries, cofunding projects in the fields of Innovation and Competitiveness, Resource Efficiency, Territorial Risks Management, Biodiversity and Natural and Cultural Assets. The project, that GITECO will lead for 4 years, is called “Artificial Reef 3D Printing for Atlantic Area (3DPARE)” and its aim is to develop artificial coral reefs that help to preserve and recover the sea ecosystems of the Atlantic Area.

21st September 2017

GITECO will take place in an ITN project of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

As benefiaciary partner of an ITN - Innovative Training Networks project, the Construction Technology Applied Research Group (GITECO) supports the education for research making the mobility among European countries easier. This fosters the innovation and transference of knowledge through the exchange not only of information but also of individuals. With the name “Sustainable, Accessible, Safe, Resilient and Smart Urban Pavements (SAFERUP!)”, this project aims to provide the European Community with innovative solutions that contribute with the urban setting of the future.

12th September 2017

Enhancing research and innovation in europe: the road sector experience (DURABROADS Final Conference).

Last 12 September, in the European Commission Building in Madrid (Spain), the Final Conference of the DURABROADS project took place. The project was funded by the 7th Framework Programme and has been led by the Construction Technology Applied Research Group (GITECO) of the University of Cantabria. Representatives from the European Commission, from the roads sector in Europe, from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) of the USA and members of other related European projects attended.


GITECO counts on two laboratories that render services to private companies and public bodies and collaborate in the different research lines opened by the group. Both have last generation scientific-technical equipment and specialized staff. PCE instruments collaborates with these labs.

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