GITECO conducts two laboratories in University of Cantabria


Doctoral Program

The training of researchers is one of the most important tasks in the education programs in which we take part. The objective is to develop the different training sides of phd students, what will help them to get the skills and capacities necessary to carry on their scientific career.

The GITECO staff collaborates supervising the research work of the students, establishing procedures and research lines of their doctoral thesis. We offer professional supervision of international doctoral candidates by experienced supervisors trained by PD Dr. Helmut Brentel.

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Masters Program

The Civil Engineering School of the University of Cantabria offers two official masters in which GITECO takes part, what helps to transfer the knowledge of our research and teaching staff and students, taking the students advantage of the adaptation of their studies to the newest techniques and methodologies.

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Master in European Construction Engineering


Professional Training in Civil Engineering Construction

We count on a wide offer of courses aimed to improve the skills of technicians and professionals in civil engineering. Our staff lectures specialization courses to transmit to companies all the knowledge available in the university.

Expert Certificate

Specialization courses

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16th March 2017

Students from the School of Civil Engineering of the University of Cantabria invited to participate in the 10th Winter Road Conference by the ATC.

A group of students of Civil Engineering of the School of Civil Engineering of the University of Cantabria has participated on 14, 15 and 16 March in the 10th Winter Road Conference, which has been celebrated in Santander and has been organized by ATC and ACEX.

24th February 2017

MOOC internationally awarded.

The MOOC on Sustainable Construction in Miríada X, developed by GITECO, has been awarded in 2017 with the Honorable Mention of the Open Education Consortium in the category of COURSE/OCW/MOOC.

23rd November 2016

Visit to CANDESA

The students of the Master in European Construction Engineering and the Degree in Civil Engineering visited the facilities of the company CANDESA Group in Camargo. This visit is part of the master module on Design and Sustainability and the degree course on Sustainability in Construction.

Graduate Program in Civil Engineering

Our lecturing and research staff teaches several subjects in the Civil Engineering Degree of the University of Cantabria. The group GITECO is present from the beginning in the training of the future civil engineers.

2º Year

  • Construcción de Obras Públicas
  • Construction of Public Infrastructure (Programa Cornell)

3er Year

  • Maquinaria, Equipos y Plantas
  • Organización y Control de Obras

4º Year

  • Sostenibilidad en la Construcción
  • Ampliación de Planificación y Programación de Obras (Programa Ideas)
  • Avances en Tecnología de la Construcción (Programa Ideas)

It fits the Companies of the Construction sector in the training of the Civil Engineering School of Santander

This programme contributes to offer two different focuses to the student beyond the merely theoretical aspects. On the one hand, it gives a global vision that helps to know the business scope, and on the other, it helps professionals of the sector to get closer, favouring their future employability.

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